Download ACLS Emergency Aids

Please fill out this form and you will be emailed a link to download the ACLS Emergency Aids. We never share your information. This form helps us understand who's using our work and allows us to contact you if we make important improvements to the aids in the future.
    By clicking the box above, you agree to allow us to contact you in the future about the CogAIDS project.

    We promise not to bombard your email box with messages.

    However, if important improvements are made to the aids that could impact patient safety, we do need a way to contact you to let you know to download a new version.

    Because of these patient safety reasons, you will need to agree "yes" to download our cognitive aids.



  1. kenton venhuizen

    I am an anesthesia intern, so I think these aids will help me, especially during my intern year. Also, I am a huge visual person, so I think I will learn these steps easier than if they were just words on paper.

  2. Neil Trawick

    The illustration would not display when I clicked the link.

    • admin (Author)

      Hi Neil,

      Please check your email inbox. After you complete the short form, we send you and email with link to download the PDF file. If you did click the link in the email, please check your download folder. Sometimes certain web browsers don’t automatically open downloaded files (this is a virus screening feature that is set on some computers). In that case you will have to find the file manually on your computer and open it up.

      Also, make sure you have a program that can view PDF files. Most people use Adobe Acrobat. On Apple OSX, the Preview application also works.

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